Milk and Honey


I’m generally not a fan of poems, but Rupi Kaur‘s collection in Milk and Honey (Andrews McMeel Publishing) was an exception! Succinct and to the point, the words seem to imprint themselves into your soul. The writing is emotional – raw and honest and searing – it broke me open to things I’d never be able to put into words.

The poems are arranged into four sections – the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing. There are some strong references to assault and sex, but the healing witnessed through the pages and Kaur’s vulnerability complete the tragic beauty of survivorship.

“This is the journey of surviving through poetry…this is my heart in your hands.”

I will find myself returning to this collection time and again because of its intensity, its honesty, and its vulnerability. This is the perfect book to set on the nightstand in order to quickly revisit.

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