Emma in the Night


Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s for a free digital copy to review – all opinions are my own!

(Read Goodread’s synopisis here.)

Cass Tanner was taking them all on a journey, and the only way they would find Emma was to go along for the ride.

This thriller was gripping and exciting; I couldn’t put it down! The psychological twists had me on my toes and I turned the pages as fast as I could to see exactly where the story was headed. Though somewhat predictable at times, that didn’t diminish the hold the novel had on me as a reader – and I didn’t see the final twist coming at all! I didn’t view it so much as a puzzle to be solved, but more as a fascinating look into a family’s struggle with a personality disorder that had devastating consequences. This is a quick read simply because it’s impossible to walk away from – so when you pick it up, plan on disregarding all other responsibilities! It has a powerful hold on you from the first page to the last!

If you’ve read it, what were your thoughts on Emma in the Night? Please comment below!

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