In one word, this one was FUN – a little bit of magic, whimsy, romance, and mystery! (Read a synopsis of Caraval here.)

When Scarlett and her sister, Donatella, head to Caraval to experience a once-a-year performance, they have no idea that they will become the center of the game. When Donatella goes missing, it’s Scarlett’s job to find her before anyone else does. She doesn’t know who she can trust and as the game moves forward, other secrets continue to bubble up to the surface. Will Scarlett find Donatella in time?

This book is fast-paced and somewhat predictable, but that doesn’t take away from the fun! It totally reminded me of The Night Circus – and actually made me think it’s time for a re-read! Also, I didn’t know it when I started Caraval but it’s apparently the first book in a series so I’m now anxiously awaiting the next book’s release!

I’d L O V E to hear your thoughts on this one! Please leave me a comment!

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