The Kitchen House


I read this book several years ago and really liked it, so when I saw its sequel, Glory Over Everything, at B&N, I knew it deserved a reread. It was just as good (if not better) the second time around!

I was immediately immersed in the world of Tall Oaks and all its residents. Lavinia and Belle narrate a story about the South in the late 1800s that sadly still holds a lot of truth in today’s current world. (Click here to read the synopsis.) I think if more people would read stories like this one, there would be a lot more peace, understanding, and acceptance for one another. Instead of repeating history, we could learn from it and do better.

For this reason, I will continue to seek out books that expand my awareness for diversity of all types – race, class, gender, LGTBQ+ – EVERYTHING in hopes that others will do the same. One of my favorite places to collaborate with other like-minded individuals is over at the Diverse Books Club group. (You can also join their Goodreads group here.) Every month, Madeleine and her team chose a theme and then announce three books that follow that theme. Throughout the month, you can join in discussions that arise from the reading. It’s a lovely way to further the conversation and to gain compassion, empathy, and understanding for topics you may not have a lot of first-hand knowledge about.

In The Kitchen House, Kathleen Grissom weaves an intricate tale about slavery; indentured servants; privileged, rich white people; depression; love; hate; and loss into a story that burrows deep into your heart. I loved so many of the characters like they were members of my own family. I found myself cheering for them throughout the story, all the while knowing how this all-too-familiar tale was going to end.

I’m so excited to see how the story is moved further along in Glory Over Everything¬†(synopsis here) that I’m moving it to the top of my TBR pile for October!

I’m curious; what’s on your TBR pile for October! Also, please leave any suggestions of book titles to add to my diversity selections!

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