Stay With Me

I’m pretty sure everybody already knows that they should stop what they’re doing and read this book It’s amazing! It gave me all the feels – hope, sadness, grief, anger, confusion, relief, understanding, pain, hurt, indifference – all of them.

I loved how there was a “surface” story that was straightforward and plain, but stewing underneath was the “real” story – an insight into the whys behind the character’s actions, how they felt, why they made the choices they did. It gave the reader a totally different story and instilled a sense of understanding instead of anger which would make it easier to just write the character and their actions off. It instilled empathy and compassion in me. 

The novel reminds us that things are not always as they seem; oftentimes, there’s a deeper reason behind the story everybody else sees. It also reminded me that there are just so many layers to life, and specifically, relationships. It’s hard to ever think we fully and completely understand another person’s inner thoughts and motivations. 

It’s a hard story to read at times, but it’s real, raw, and honest in all the best ways! It will be a favorite of 2017 for sure!

⚠️Trigger warnings: infertility, child loss, infidelity

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