Mental: Lithium, Love, and Losing My Mind


Thank you to Net Galley for the free copy for review. All opinions are my own. 

Mental is an autobiographical look into Jaime Lowe’s experience living with a bipolar diagnosis. Like many stories that deal with mental illness, one of the biggest struggles always seems to be getting the medication regulated (see my post: Imagine Me Gone).

It’s heartbreaking to read how difficult this regulation can be for the patient. I have sympathy for the doctor’s that are trying to help, yet frustrated that we continue to push drugs on the patients. I don’t know what the right answer is because I do believe the drugs help regulate the symptoms; however, there does seem to be a limit to the amount of these drugs that should be prescribed.

Somehow, Lowe was able to get through college and establish her writing career. Her book is an intense, honest, and raw look into her struggle. It was difficult to read at times because i just felt so badly for everything she was going through. However, I was filled with hope that she was able to still experience a successful writing career.


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