Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything


What did I learn about my personality after reading Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything? That I hate learning about personalities. (#sorrynotsorry #unpopularopinion)

I have spent so much time trying to figure out my personality, so I thought this book would be the perfect match for me. I preordered it because I was so excited! Once it was released, I saw rave reviews all over #bookstagram about it and I was excited all over again.

All of that to say, I had HIGH hopes when it came to this book. But sadly, it just left me frustrated. I don’t feel like it added anything new to the conversation; it was just a compilation of all the information already out there. I still need to go to websites to take the personality quizzes, or buy books or pay money to learn what personality type I am! #ugh. I don’t have money lying around to hire a professional to administer the tests to me and then explain my results. So basically, I know just as much now about personality typing as I did when I started.

Also, the examples provided throughout the book were weak at best and mostly about the author and her personal friends and/or family; therefore, very unrelatedable to me. Unless you’re the same personality type as Anne Bogel, don’t expect to get a lot of insight into your personal type.

Now, if we were to judge a book by its cover, this is a handsdown winner! The cover is gorgeous! I love the colors, especially the shimmering gold. I like the script of the title, and I love the whimsical feel it gives off. Pictures don’t do it justice so take my word and seek this one out at a bookstore just so you can get the full effect of it!

Lastly, this doesn’t change my opionon of Anne Bogel or her podcast, What Should I Read Next?, in the least! I think she is brilliantly knowledable about books and I find that my #tbrlist has no chance of shrinking as long as she’s producing episodes. She is well-spoken and I enjoy listening to her conversations with her guests. I also love her blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy, and find it to have so much valuable information as well (especially the daily links she provides to the best e-book deals of the day).

I wanted to love this one, but I honestly think it’s more about me than the book. I think I’ve finally realized that I’m not all that fascinated with personality assessment. People who are will find this to be a great resource to add to their research and library!

2 thoughts on “Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything

  1. I agree with you 100%. After reading all of the glowing reviews, I was looking forward to this one only to be very disappointed. I expected the personality tests to be included.


    1. Really all it is is a book with all the personality information compiled in one place. And a whole lot of weak examples that literally only apply to the author herself. Such a bummer. She has such great insight; I just thought there’d be some value here.


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