The Light We Lost


I wanted to love this one, but didn’t. (In full disclosure, romance/chick-lit is not my favorite genre to begin with.) Having said that, I disliked the main character, Lucy, very much, and anytime you can’t connect with the main character, you’re already in trouble. Gabe was a selfish jerk that clearly doesn’t understand the boundaries of a marriage (and, for the record, neither does Lucy). Darren was my favorite character of them all and that’s probably more out of pity than anything else.

Sooooo, none of those things really worked in my favor.

I will say that I enjoyed the author’s writing style very much. I definitely think she has talent (this was her debut novel), so I will give her next book another shot. I also loved the premise of the book –  9/11 is an event that most, if not all, Americans can relate to personally – however, the storyline just didn’t deliver for me.

According to the glowing reviews on Goodreads and #bookstagram, it seems as if I’m an outlier on this one. It is a quick read, and even though I didn’t end up loving it, I didn’t detest it so much that I put it down without finishing it. If you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks, I think you’d enjoy this very much. Again, romance and chick-lit aren’t my preferred genre, but that doesn’t mean some stories won’t work every now and then. I’m glad I gave it a shot; however, I would have preferred to just check this one out from the library!



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