Winter Stroll (#2) & Winter Storm (#3)


I loved the first book in the Winter Street Inn series so much that I ran out to the library and checked out the next two as quickly as I could (read my review of Winter Street, #1, here). While I adored the first one, these two definitely lost some steam for me – especially Winter Storm (#3). I felt like the plot was too predictable at times and the Quinn family is just becoming too unrealistic to me – I mean, ex-lovers all hanging out together, ex-husbands giving their wives away?? **insert eyeroll** – it’s all just too much for me. Also, I lost all allegiance to the series when I Hilderbrand worked another one of her books into the story in Winter Storm. (#sorrynotsorry…I HATE when author’s self-promote like that!) I doubt I’ll continue on with the last book in the series (Winter Solstice #4), so feel free to DM me if you’ve read it and tell me what happens! (I’m totally not kidding – Does Kelley die? Does Ava marry Potter? What happens to Nathanial?)



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