I admit: I skimmed the last 100 pages (maybe more). The book started off strong – I LOL’d (which I NEVER do) and thoroughly enjoyed the story. I found Lockwood to be funny and even thought this would make a hilarious sitcom (just like everyone else has).

The story is not told chronologically so I enjoyed the short story style of the narrative, but as it drug on, it became super boring. There’s a distinct change in the book (roughly halfway through) and after reading other reviews, it seems like people seem to like the second half better (when Lockwood seems to take on a more serious tone). It didn’t work for me; I liked the light-hearted, humorous side better.

I found myself wondering what the point of this story was for much of it…and I think part of that is because I’m completely thrown off and confused by the cover. Truly, it sends a vibe of incest – which is nowhere close to what this book is about!

I think the thing that kept me reading instead of marking this one a DNF was Lookwood’s writing style. She is a published poet and her metaphorical way of writing is truly beautiful.

Have you read this one? Thoughts??

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