Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance


If I had a #WeylynGrey in my life, maybe he could get it to stop snowing and make my flowers bloom!?!? 🌺🌼🌷
This one is a #DNF for me at 62%. It’s a sweet, whimsical story…that’s just not for me. It’s along the same lines as Ove and Eleanor Oliphant – neither of which I liked. What I’ve come to realize is that these types of stories are just not enjoyable to me.

Earlier this week, I had asked when you guys “give up” on a book. One response was “When I stop caring,” and for some reason, that answer just clicked for me. When I’m loving a book, I forgo a lot of other things because I just can’t read it fast enough. When a book takes me more than two days to read, it’s obvious that I just don’t care.

That’s how this one was for me…though I know I’m in the minority as this one made many other’s favorite lists.

What’s one genre that just doesn’t work for you?

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