My Dear Hamilton

My Dear Hamilton

Thank you, TLC Book Tours, for the free copy to review. All opinions are my own!

“Though Hamilton is more than twenty years dead now, his memory lingers where I stand in the garden of tulips, lilies, and hyacinth we once planted together. He is inescapable in even the smallest things. I cannot buy a pouch of seeds for this garden without money from the mint that he established. I cannot pass a newsboy on my walks through the city without seeing the paper he founded or without reflecting upon the freedoms for the press he helped guarantee. I cannot cast my gaze at the busy ships in the harbor without seeing the trade he assured, or the coast guard that he founded, or the industry and opportunities he provided for the people who now flock to our shores in search of freedom and a better future. In short, there is not a breath in any American’s life that is not shaped in someway by Alexander Hamilton.” pg. 1

All things #AHam have exploded the last few years. I went to the play in LA at the @pantheontheaters and absolutely LOVED it. I’m intrigued by hearing Eliza Hamilton’s version and her share in American history, which was mostly left out of the play.

When TLC Book Tours offered me a chance to review MY DEAR HAMILTON, a biographical narration of Alexander Hamilton from Eliza’s point of view, I jumped at the chance!

This book is dense; it’s just over 600 pages, but it captured me from the beginning. Even if you know nothing about Alexander Hamilton, you will be intrigued with the details that went into building the foundation of America.



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