Side By Side

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Thank you to the author, Jenni L. Walsh, for the free, signed copy to review. All opinions are my own.

I’ve always heard references to the infamous duo, Bonnie and Clyde, but I didn’t know much about their crime spree. This was a fun and entertaining account of their 27-months on the run from the law. Occurring just after the Great Depression, Bonnie and Clyde robbed, stole, killed, and eluded the law all over the middle part of the United States. In their wake, they hurt many people and changed a lot of lives.

Side By Side is told from Bonnie’s perspective. From her point of view, this is a great love story; Bonnie and Clyde will do anything for each other – including die. While it’s reported that Bonnie was from a good upbringing, I was constantly struck by how quickly she became a criminal, all in the name of love. I enjoyed learning about their great escapades. This was an entertaining book!

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