The Fox Hunt

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 3.27.28 PM.pngThank you, TLC Book Tours, for my free review copy. All opinions are my own.

While reading Mohammed Al Samawi’s memoir, THE FOX HUNT, I was continually relieved by the fact that I’ve never had to know a day in my life of bullets whizzing by my ears and bombs falling from the sky. I have had a fortunate existence, but I’m also very aware that not everyone in this world can say the same. The details and experiences of this book are a reality for many people. I applaud Al Sawami for writing his story and giving a voice to the innocent people of the Middle Eastern conflicts.

This is why I love books so much – they help us to have compassion and understanding, they show us how different life can be for someone else, and they teach us about things we may never know about otherwise. Many people came together throughout the world to help Al Sawami escape his dire circumstances, and he has used that kindness to educate people in hopes that we will learn from the situations in order to not repeat the same mistakes. His life was saved when the odds were stacked against him, and we are fortunate that he has chosen to use his voice so that we can learn.

It’s like the saying goes, “When we know better, we do better.” Thanks for teaching me, Mohammed, through your words in this book. You’re truly an inspiration for all of us to forgo our differences and to love one another instead.

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