The Mars Room

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The writing of this book was incredible – slow and methodical; every word had a purpose. It was deep and thought-provoking; it’s not often that it takes me several days to read a 300-page book, but this one forces the reader to slow down and enjoy the writing. I loved it so much.

I also loved the main character, Remy, and all of her backstory. Raised in San Francisco, she had a rough life that revolved around drugs, petty crime, and a strip club. She ends up in prison after killing her stalker, leaving her 5 year-old-son behind.

The story alternates view between Remy and a whole lot of other people. There are stories within stories, and while they were all compelling, it also took away from Remy’s story. Instead of getting a complete character analysis on Remy and her story, we got bits and pieces – never the complete picture. It left me frustrated and wanting so much more.

It was worth the read to me because Kushner’s writing style was so good, but I wish it would have been a more cohesive story.

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