Unmarriageable by: Soniah Kamal
Unmarriageable by: Soniah Kamal

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Let me start by saying that I’ve never read Pride & Prejudice, so I can’t tell you how closely this retelling follows the original or not (though, from the reviews I’ve read so far, it does). I was drawn to this book because, a few years back, I’d read Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld (which I thoroughly enjoyed) which is also a modern retelling of Pride & Prejudice. 

Unmarriageable, the latest P&P retelling to date, was enjoyable. I liked getting an inside look into Pakastani culture, I liked the characters (and even vehemently disliked a few, which keeps things fun!), and I thought the emphasis on class importance between the two societies paralled quite well. A few the characters were strong, empowered, and independent females (somewhat frowned upon in the Pakastani culture) which I greatly appreciated. I also found the men that could handle a woman with thoughts and ambitions of her own without feeling threatened refreshing.

If you’re like me and the thought of reading #classics sounds kind of boring (**gasp! I know!!**), then I think you’d enjoy this book. I certainly know I’d rather gain my insights to classic literature through these more-relevant-to-modern-times novels than through the original books themselves. (However, I will also acknowledge that I haven’t given the classics a try, and if I would, I might change my mind on this matter. For now, this is where I’m at on the subject ;))

As mentioned above, I read Eligible and really enjoyed it as well. What are some other book suggestions that fall under the modern-day retelling (P&P related, or not) that you enjoyed? Drop me a comment!

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