The Last Romantics


13 || {#partner #freebook Thank you, TLC Book Tours, for the free finished copy to review. All opinions are my own.}

“Once upon a time,” I began, “there was a father and a mother and four children, three girls and one boy. They lived together in a house like any other house, in a town like many other towns, and for a time they were happy.” I paused, and all those faces in the auditorium stared down at me, all those eyes. “And then—“ I stopped again, faltering. I sipped my glass of water. “And then there was the Pause. Everything started there. Our mother didn’t mean for it to happen, she didn’t, but this is a story about the failures of love, and the Pause was the first.”

A multi-generational family saga with deeply flawed, but relatable, characters are my favorite kind of story to get wrapped up in. Though beautiful prose, we are taken on a journey with the Skinners through loss, grief, betrayal, loyalty, hope, but most of all, love. Love in all its forms – romantic, familial, casual, selfish, unconditional. I loved the prose, the characters, the plot, the angst…every single thing (especially Joe and Fiona)! Fans of THE IMMORTALISTS will enjoy this book as it had the same feelings of magic and hope and sibling love. 

After reading Tara Conklin’s debut novel, THE HOUSE GIRL, and loving it, I was curious if she could write another book that I would love as much as that one…well, she did! The differences between these two books – entirely different eras, plots, and themes – shows her depth and talent as a truly gifted writer. I’m a fan and she will be added to my auto-buy author list. She is magical in her writing, invoking all the emotions of the reader.

I loved it this book from the first page to the last and I already know this book will end up on my Favorites List for 2019.  

Speaking of #autobuyauthors, who are some of your favorites? I love Tara Conklin (duh!), Jane Harper, John Boyne, Taylor Jenkin Reid, and Brene Brown.

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