American Spy

American Spy by: Lauren Wilkinson (Random House)

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“Throughout my life, the most consistent way I’ve revealed who I really am is through whom I’ve chose to love.”

As a Black woman working for the Feds in the 1980s, Marie Mitchell is sick of being passed over for high profile cases simply because she’s not a man. The United States is on the verge of the Cold War, but her big chance finally comes when she is given a mission by the CIA to go to West Africa to help infiltrate the President of a small country.

This is Wilkinson’s debut novel and she shows a lot of promise. Her writing is good and it’s well-researched. However, I found the storyline a little confusing. She switched from first- to third-person without any real transitions and I often found myself rereading passages because I was confused.

The storyline is intriguing, but I wanted to enjoy this story more than I did. I was invested enough to see it to the end and I definitely wanted to see how it all wrapped up, but even that left me underwhelmed.

Unfortunately, this book wasn’t a big hit with me.

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