Currently Loving This Weekend…

📖 Reading:

  • I like to write. It’s a calming force to me, but somehow I always find myself putting it off. I choose reading, mindless Instagram scrolling, or movies instead. Why? I don’t know. I think because I know it’s hard work; oftentimes, I write about emotional things – it’s a way to sort things out in my mind. Also, I have an idea of what I want it to sound like when it’s finished, and as I write, it almost never turns out that way. I loved this article for its assurance that it’s okay (and normal) to feel this way, and for the tips to overcome your personal writer’s blocks.
  • Books delivered on horseback?! Yes, please. I never learned about this piece of history, and as a book lover, I’m loving this idea!
  • I’m really wanting to get back into my blog this year – as a way to appease my writing desires and to also promote books (one of my favorite things) – so I loved this blog post with 8 different ideas for writing a book review. I may explore several of these ideas over the next couple of weeks to switch it up and see if there’s a better way out there for me!
  • We’re all guilty of it – keeping ourselves busy and our lives chaotic. Then we use those excuses to allow us to shrink ourselves and stop living large. But we need to live big – give our purpose-filled gifts to the world. Whatever it is you have to offer, the world needs it! Love this article that reminds us to use the imperfection and chaos to fuel us and motivate us to continue giving our gifts to those around us.

🎧 Listening:

  • This Spotify Playlist courtesy of NYCbookgirl
  • One of my favorite podcasts is Sarah’s Book Shelves. This week, Sarah had Ashley Spivey on (yes, the former Bachelor contestant!) and they mentioned the podcast, Gladiator, on the episode…I immediately looked up as soon as I could and listened to it for the rest of the day. Fascinating and so incredibly sad, I was hooked! Also, as a former D1 college athlete, I definitely related to the Episode 3: Gator Nation and Episode 8: Playing through Pain. I think Dr. Death may be the next podcast up for me!

📺 Watching:

  • I first watched Nanette last year, and it was my favorite Netflix of the year. I keep returning to it because it’s so powerful and important! If you haven’t seen it yet, do it immediately…I promise, you’ll love it as much as I do!
  • My husband and I are fascinated by the Many Sides of Jane! Have you seen this one?

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