The Beantown Girls


(Thank you, Lake Union Publishing, Jane Healey, and Get Red PR, for the free book to review. All opinions are my own.)


I love historical fiction based around the WWII time period, but I had never heard of the Red Cross Clubmobile Girls. As recruiters of educated women, the Clubmobile’s girls’ responsibilities included serving coffee and donuts on the front lines, but more importantly, they were there to boost the morale of the soldiers. The story centers around three main characters – Fiona, Viviana, and Dottie. They’re best friends and all join together in an effort to find out what happened to Fiona’s missing fiancé. Along the way, they learn lessons about love, friendship, bravery, war, and loss.

This is my first Jane Healey novel and she’s a great storyteller. The story was engaging and I really enjoyed the characters – especially the level-headedness and bravery of Fiona. I loved learning about the Clubmobile girls. These girls volunteered to go to war, putting themselves in danger because they felt the call to fight for our country. I would love to learn more about these girls!

Sometimes the WWII genre can feel saturated, but this book offered a fresh perspective on a little known aspect of the war. The overall story was sweet and I truly enjoyed reading it!

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