Daisy Jones & The Six

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I’m gonna have to agree with the hype on this one and praise it from the highest mountain tops with everyone else.

“I’d chase this life with all of my heart. I wanted so badly to express myself and be heard and bring solace to other people with my own words. But it because a hell I’d created myself, a cage I’d built and locked myself in. I came to hate that I’d put my heart and my pain into my music because it meant that I couldn’t ever leave it behind. And I had to keep singing it to him, night after night after night, and I could no longer hide how I felt or what being next to him was doing to me. It made for a great show. But it was my life.”

Sure, I was a little leery of the format in the beginning (it’s in interview format – exactly like a script would be), but as soon as I got a feel for the characters, the story took off and I could not put this one down.

TJR proves herself once again as a master at storytelling and the format of this book proves that point even more. To be able to craft a story with snippets of various people’s points of view truly demonstrates her giftedness as a writer.

The last 50 pages were so brilliant and beautiful to me; I didn’t see the twist coming. I felt all the feels and I took a long sigh when I finished. It’s just one of those books.

No doubt about it: this will be one of my favorite books of the year!

18 thoughts on “Daisy Jones & The Six

  1. Oh my goodness, I was so leery of the format too!! But I also LOVED it, and now I am living, eating, and breathing Fleetwood Mac. Have you listened to the playlist yet?


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