The Things We Cannot Say



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“Home is not the country we stand in-it’s us. Home is the future we have been planning and dreaming of. We can build it anywhere.”

Following two separate timelines – one in the midst of WWII-occupied Poland in 1942 and the other in present-day Florida – Kelly Rimmer beautifully brings a new perspective to WWII historical fiction. With a twist I wasn’t expecting, Rimmer emphasizes the sacrifices made in the name of love and reminds her readers that tough choices have to be made in times of survival and war.

While I LOVED the past tense storyline, the present-day plot was just meh to me. I understand the connection, but I wasn’t invested in it’s characters at all. I found myself skimming these parts so as not to miss something important, but anticipated the chapters when I could return to Alina.

The story truly came alive when it would flashback to Poland and we learned of the great sacrifices made by Alina and those around her.

I think Rimmer says it best in the afterword:

“History’s most important lessons can be difficult to confront and even harder to share-but we are all richer when those lessons persist through generations. Perhaps more than ever, we need the wisdom our forebears gleaned through blood, sweat and more than their share of tears.”

This book is out this Tuesday, March 19, 2019!

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