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What’s one way you squeeze a little more reading time into your life? For me it’s definitely with audiobooks. So last year I asked for some wireless headphones for Christmas that would give me the freedom to move around the house while doing chores and listening to audiobooks and podcasts. I was so happy!

IMG_2700Then, this summer, Sudio reached out and offered a collaboration for their wireless headphones. I figured, why not? They arrived in the mail, I gave them a try, and I found a new favorite pair of wireless headphones. You guys, these ear buds are so amazing, I bought another pair (with my own money!) for my husband for his birthday. We both love them so much and I think you will too. If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds with fantastic sound quality, consider giving Sudio a try! Use the promo code WHENREADING to get 15% off your entire order.

To sweeten the deal, head over to and use the code HAPPIEST to get 3-audiobooks-for-the-price-of-1…that’s just $14.99! And there is no commitment and no monthly purchase requirements! And what’s even better than all of those things? You’re supporting the independent bookstore of your choice (I see you, Tattered Cover Book Store), not some mega-monopoly company that doesn’t give back to their communities, support authors, and provide fun local events for their customers.


Friends, I know this post feels like an ad, but please know that I stand behind both of these companies and believe they offer a lot of value to book lovers. There’s no pressure to buy; however, if you’re looking for something that offers what Sudio and or can provide for you, I urge you to take a look at these companies. For those of you that decide to take the leap, don’t forget to use the codes so you get a little more bang for your buck! 💵

To help build up your audiobook files, click here to see my personal audiobook recommendations! 🎧

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