2019 Gift Giving Guide for Bookworms!

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The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner and with Thanksgiving next week, I know many of you will be heading out to do some shopping. I’ve created a list of gift ideas that would be perfect for the bookworm(s) in your life!

one: Hamilton Beach Electric Water Kettle

I originally bought this kettle to quickly heat water or my tea while I’m drinking, but it’s quickly become a family favorite appliance. The kids use it to heat water for oatmeal, Raman noodles, and hot chocolate. We love this thing!

two: Novel Teas

After you heat your water in your electric kettle, grab one of these tea bags that are also printed with literary quotes. They’re the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the avid reader in your life!

three: Ceramic Mug

There are tons of ceramic mug choices on the internet and this is just one example. I know people can be fairly picky about their mug choices, but this would make an excellent gift.

four: Bookish T-Shirt

I love my bookish t-shirts; I’ve started quite the collection! Anything that’s soft, cozy, and funny is sure to be a winner!

five: Book Darts

Do you ever read a quote in a book and want to mark it so you can find it again but you don’t want to mark up your book? These tiny metal darts are the perfect solution. I have them and I love them!

six: Libro.fm Audiobooks 

#partner | One thing that rings true for all book lovers is that there are so many books, but so little time. One way I’ve tried to combat this problem in my personal life is by listening to more audiobooks. It’s the simplest way to “read” a book while I’m doing chores around the house! Libro.fm is my favorite choice for audiobooks and is the only company that supports the independent bookstore of your choice! Follow the link above and enter my promo code (HAPPIEST) to get 3-audiobooks-for-the-price-of-1 ($14.99)! There’s no monthly obligation and you can also gift memberships and/or audiobooks on their website!

seven: Sudio Earbuds

#partner | When Sudio reached out and offered me a free pair of earbuds, I admit that I was skeptical. I had a different pair that I liked fine, but there were some minor inconveniences that I thought it would be nice to compare with a different pair. I immediately fell in love with my Sudio earbuds! (I have the Tolv design in white.) They fit nicely in my ear, they have incredible sound quality, and they last seven hours on their first charge! Use my promo code (WHENREADING) for 15% off your entire order.

eight: JBL Charge 3 Portable Speaker

There are lots of other options for wireless and portable speakers…the point is that these speakers are awesome for listening to audiobooks and podcasts when you’re getting ready in the morning. Just another bit of time where you can add a little more “reading” into your life. (Bonus: We have this speaker and use it for so much more than just listening to audiobooks. We use it to play music when we have friends over, my husband uses it in the golf cart when he’s golfing, and we take it to the lake. It has great sound quality and can play quite loud!)

nine: Book of the Month Subscription

I have been a member of Book of the Month for over three years now and I absolutely love it! They have a wonderful selection every month, and oftentimes the books are available to subscribers pre-publication! There’s nothing more exciting than seeing that little blue box on your doorstep when you get home from a busy day! (Note: If you use the link above to sign up, I will receive a free book.)

ten: Shelf Subscription from The Bookshelf

Once a month, the employees of The Bookshelf will send you a book in the mail. Your book selection is a total surprise, so it’s very exciting to open it up. You can choose to be surprised, or you can chose an employee whose book taste lines up with yours. Some past selections include: Ask Again, Yes; The Lager Queen of Minnesota; and Turn of the Key.


eleven: Books Are Magic Subscription

My husband and I went to New York City in June. I made him trek all the way to Brooklyn just so I could go to Books Are Magic…and it was totally worth it. It’s the most adorable bookstore. While there, my husband bought me a one-year fiction subscription. So far, I’ve been very happy with the selections. In addition to the fiction subscription, hey also offer options for nonfiction, poetry, young adult, middle grade, and picture books. Past selections include: Very Nice, Patsy,  and How We Fight For Our Lives.

twelve: All-New Kindle

Though it’s taken me awhile, I now love my Kindle and I’m not sure I want to go back to life without it. Why do I love it so much? Many reasons, but here are a few: I can read in bed without distracting my husband, the battery life is incredible (last weeks!), it holds thousands of books so its my go-to choice for vacations and I love not having to haul lots of books with me, and it automatically syncs all of my devices so I never lose my place regardless of what device I’m reading on (helpful because I read on my iPhone off and on throughout the day). I personally prefer the Paperwhite version that doesn’t connect to apps or the internet…if I had that option, I would get too distracted and read a whole lot less.

thirteen: Book Sleeve

I ordered a book sleeve from Tancy (you can also find her on Instagram at: @beyondbooked), and I love it so much! Tancy has great taste in her fabric options and the quality is amazing. There are various sizes to choose from so all of your books can be protected!

fourteen: Pilot G-2 Gel Pens

Everybody is particular about their pen choice, but these are my favorite and have been for years! I prefer size 10 and use all the colors for my calendars and book journals!

fifteen: The Book Lover’s Journal

I personally use a dotted journal to record my reading life in, but I saw this one and my own curiosity was piqued. I love the idea and may have to try one for myself.

sixteen: Bookish Socks

These are so cute! There are many options and these would make a great stocking stuffer!

seventeen: Gaston Luga Bags

#partner |Once again, Gaston Luga reached out and offered me a free bag in order to help promote their company. Again, I was hesitant, but curious because I’m always on the lookout for a quality bag to use when traveling. I want a backpack style because I’d prefer to have my hands free (I gotta have my coffee, y’all!). I accepted their offer and I am so happy with their product. I think the bag is chic and I can’t wait to travel with it for the first time. These bags are high quality and I really love it. There are many styles and colors available. Use my promo code (CARLAREADS) to get 15% off your entire purchase!

eighteen: Anchor Book Mark

No matter the size or type of book, this anchor book mark slides seamlessly between the pages and holds your book open! It’s easy to maneuver and the design is beautiful!

nineteen: Bathtub Caddy

I have yet to get one of these for myself, but I love the idea of a caddy that holds my hot tea, book, and a candle while I read and relax in the bathtub! I think I’ll ask Santa for one!

twenty: Pins and Book Print from Ideal Bookshelf 

I am so impressed with Jane’s work and I intend to own one of her prints someday soon! As I was looking at her designs, I also saw the pins she has available and thought they’d make such a cute addition to a gift and/or as a stocking stuffer!

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