March 2020 TBR


I’m still participating in the Unread Shelf Challenge hosted by Whitney at The Unread Shelf, and this month’s Unread Shelf Challenge is to read the books that have been on your shelf the longest, so I’m building my March TBR with this thought in mind.

To help me whiddle down my books, I have a few categories I’d like to try to hit each month:

Other books up for consideration:

There you have it! What’s on your list of hopefuls for the month of March?

4 thoughts on “March 2020 TBR

  1. You have some excellent reads awaiting you. Lab Girl was a fantastic book, entertaining and informative. The best kind of science book. I also loved Hillbilly Elegy. It’s received a lot of attention and is touted as a book to read to help understand the presidential election of 2016. While it does that, but what really resonated with me was the author’s love of the people he was describing – the working class, those struggling to reclaim their position in the middle class strata of society. In the midst of analyzing how their traditions and choices were derailing this ascent, he also shows compassion and understanding. That is sorely missing in America today – having compassion and understanding for “others”, whoever they may be.
    I’m looking forward to reading There, There by Tommy Orange and Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe.

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