Once Upon a Book Club: A Fun and Unique Book Subsription Service


A couple months ago, Once Upon a Book Club reached out and asked if I’d like to partner with them to feature their book subscription service. I headed to their website to browse around and see what their company is all about.

What I found was so fresh, fun, and exciting! Every month, subscribers receive a book in the mail along with 3-5 wrapped gifts. As the reader reads the book, they will come upon sticky notes that tells them to open the corresponding gift. It’s a total surprise and it makes the book come to life in an exciting and unique way!


My first box arrived last month and I immediately moved the book to the top of my TBR because I really wanted to know what was in those gifts! It’s been a long time since I’ve been so excited to read a book!

The book I received was The Long Flight Home by Alan Hlad (Kensington Publishing Corp.). I love WWII fiction and the aspect promised in this book was especially intriguing. The British Royal Air Force air-dropped homing pigeons in German-occupied France. Those that survived the mission would make the journey home to England and deliver information about the German troops’ movements.

“A homing pigeon can travel distances of up to six hundred miles per day, fly at speeds of seventy miles an hour, and reach altitudes as high as thirty-five thousand feet. At that height, Ollie, the temperature would be thirty-five degrees below zero, and a pilot would need a heated suit and oxygen.”

I was absolutely enthralled with the pigeons, but the rest of the story really lacked engagement for me. I felt like the writing was amatuerish and I felt like the ending was too tidy and convenient. I’m happy I read the book just to learn more about the National Pigeon Service, but that’s about all I gained from the experience.

Regardless of the book, the gifts in the box totally added to my reading and added a fresh element to the experience. If you’d like to give the box a try for yourself, use my exclusive coupon code: HAPPIESTWHENREADING10. It will get you 10% off your box!




8 thoughts on “Once Upon a Book Club: A Fun and Unique Book Subsription Service

  1. This is such a cute idea! I think it would also make a great gift option that is both thoughtful and really unique.


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