My Week in Books {9/2/20}

The weather is finally being reasonable…goodbye 100 degree days, hello cooler temperatures! Like everybody else, fall is my favorite and I’m so happy it’s about to arrive!

Before moving onto some #minibookreviews, here are some recent posts:

Last Week’s Reads:

Luster by Raven Leilani

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I headed into this one – I’d seen very mixed reviews, and to be honest, I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t be for me. But the writing immediately sucked me in and I was hooked! Leilani writes methodically and lyrically…I literally restarted the book with a pen in hand because I wanted to be able to ruminate on individual sentences. Leilani writes with such power and provacation!

I wish the momentum would have carried throughout the book, but the shine started to dull as I continued to read. The story took a bit of a turn for me about halfway through and the second half just wasn’t as compelling for me. Regardless, the writing stayed strong and I was still underlining sentences like crazy, but the overall story lost its effect. I’m still impressed with Leilani’s debut novel and I’m anxious to see what she writes next! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One To Watch by Kate Stayman-London

As a major fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, I was worried that this one might be a little too cheesy so I initially passed on reading it. But the reviews started coming in and so many were enjoying it that I thought I better give it a chance…and I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed it myself!

Long-time fans of Bachelor Nation have expressed criticism of the show’s lack of diversity or inclusivity. One To Watch takes on some of those challenges and reinvents a season with a plus-sized lead. Even with a premise such as this, the book lacked bringing diversity to this make-believe plot and that was disappointing (there was only one larger male “contestant” 🙄).

However, I found Bea to be a delightful lead – strong-willed and determined, never one to back down from her convictions, and a character that tried to redefine the boundaries. (I wasn’t crazy about her final choice, but let’s be honest, I rarely am on the tv series either. 😉) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Currently Reading:

*** The Regrets by Amy Bonnaffons

I think I’m going to like this one! 🤞🏼 I’m only a few chapters in, but I like the concept and I like the writing – both good signs!

*** Shiner by Amy Jo Burns

Literally just started this one, but I’m getting The Line That Held Us vibes, so I’m here for it!

*** Let the People Pick the President: The Case for Abolishing the Electoral College by Jesse Wegman

I figure there’s no better time to pick up an election book than right now!

DNF (aka: Not For Me and/or Skipping For Now):

*** Death in Her Hands by Ottessa Moshfegh

DNF @ 28%…I feel like I could enjoy the writing style of Moshfegh (this is my first introduction to her work), but I also feel like it could have slipped me into a reading slump if I forced it.

A Burning by Megha Majumdar

DNF @ 29%…I’m a little bit curious why this one wasn’t working for me when it’s gotten a lot of high praise, so I’m shelving it for now. My first impressions: a lot of characters and not a ton of connection and confusing transitions between chapters and character point of views. It doesn’t seem like a book that will take long to read (short chapters) so I probably will give this one more try before abandoning it for good.

(#partner #freebooks: All books noted by asterisks (***) indicate I received the book for free from the publisher, the author, or another promotional company to review. All opinions are my own.)

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