2020 Gift Giving Guide for Bookworms!

November is the new December this year! With all the COVID-craziness, many are worried about supply issues and/or slow shipping times. If you’re worried, get your gifts ordered…I’ve got the bookworm in your life covered!

one: book club puzzle

2020 is the year of the puzzle! This book club puzzle is the cutest!

two: libro.fm subscription

What’s better than listening to an audiobook while you put that puzzle together?

Libro.fm is the only audiobook company that allows you to support the independent bookstore of your choice! When you support local businesses, you keep money in your local economy, you help create local jobs, and you made a difference in your community.

Follow this link and use my personal promo code (HAPPIEST) to get 3-audiobooks-for-the-price-of-1!

Libro.fm makes it super easy to gift an audiobook or a monthly subscription!

three: Apple AirPods

First of all, any of the AirPods available from Apple will work well, but I definitely have my eye on the latest pair. They’re noise cancelling, have voice-activated Siri (she can turn the volume up and read incoming texts to you without you needing to reach for your phone!), and has longer battery life!

I know from previous AirPods that the sound quality is great. I hope to find these in my stocking on Christmas so I can use them to listen to audiobooks while I walk!

four: book ends

There are so many great book ends out there, I’ve totally got my eye on these!

five: ruth bader ginsburg coffee mug

We lost the great RBG this year, and I think a mug with her face on it sounds like a great way to start the day!

six: kindle paperwhite

I love, love, love my kindle (I have the paperwhite and the oasis)! I have it connected to my local library and I read in bed at night before going to sleep without disturbing my husband with a bright light! The battery life is amazing and it’s the best way to take some “books” on vacation without having to take up precious luggage space! (The new paperwhite is waterproof so you won’t have to worry when you’re poolside!)

seven: invisible book shelf

These look so cool! I get a little bit jealous when I see these on #bookstagram!

eight: personalized book embosser

How cool would this be? There are so many styles to chose from and I think this would be a great surprise on Christmas morning!

nine: bibliophile postcards

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like getting snail mail, so these cute postcards would be so special for any bookworm.

ten: book of the month subscription

This is my favorite book subsription! They have great selections every month and you can’t beat the price for a brand-new (sometime pre-release) hardcover book!

Follow this link to get signed up or to gift a subscription! (Full disclosure: I will receive a free book if you chose to sign up.)

eleven: mug warmer

I hate going to take a sip of my coffee only to realize that it’s cooled down…a mug warmer would take away your favorite bookworm’s worry about their drink staying warm.

twelve: 100 books scratch off poster

I’m secretly hoping this ends up under the tree for me! Not only does it give me a goal to reach (hello, Type-A!), but it also adds incentive to pick up some of those books that have been on my list for a long time but keep getting put off for one reason or another!

thirteen: diffuser + oils

I love my diffuser – it’s one of those simple things that completely changes the atmosphere. Depending on the oils you mix together, you can create a mood to compliment your boo!

fourteen: customized book spine art from jane mount

I want one of these so bad! My only problem is I can’t chose the books I’d put on it! #bookwormproblems

fifteen: blue light blocker glasses

As online activities are becoming more necessary, a cute pair of these glasses would make a great stocking stuffer!

sixteen: dreyer’s english game

Book nerds unite! This grammar game is perfect for those who love to read and/or write!

seventeen: storyworth writing subscription

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that our stories matter. When my mama passed away, I instantly realized that a lot of information also died with her. She was the keeper of my family’s stories and I wished so badly that she had written some of this stuff down so I would be able to treasure it.

This subscription service emails the recipient a prompt every week (either random prompts or prompts you choose). The recipient then answers the prompt how they see fit – they can even add pictures! Storyworth then saves all the submissions and then at the end of the year, they make it into a bound book. You have the option to order more copies as well.

I think this is a wonderful way to preserve your family history and I personally would cherish having something like this!

eighteen: bath bombs

A nice relaxing bath with a good book and a glass of wine? Yes, please!

nineteen: book cart

This is the perfect gift for the book lover because we always need more room for more books! (This would make a great gift for the crafter in your life, too!)

twenty: weighted throw blanket

Nothing sounds better than curling up with a book and a weighted blanket during those cold winter days!

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