My Favorite BOTM Selection of 2020

I hope my love for Book of the Month is obvious by now! I love this company! It truly isn’t even about the cheap hard covers; I love seeing the little blue box on my doorstep and I know that whatever books I get, they will more than likely be some of my top books of the year.

This year, I ordered 32 books. Of those, I’ve read 21. Of those 21, 14 were 4- or 5-star reads! (I DNF’d 2, and gave 6 3-stars or less.)

My favorite BOTM selection of 2020:

Betty by Tiffany McDaniel

I had the hardest time choosing my favorite book from Book of the Month, but finally settled on Betty. A grueling story about generational trauma, Betty and her father have really stuck with me.

“Don’t let it happen to you, Betty. Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself. You don’t wanna live so long only to realize, you ain’t lived at all.”

Betty, Tiffany McDaniel

Not only is this a coming-of-age story, it also handles topics like racism (specifically against Native Americans), trauma (both past and present), and dysfunctional (yet also a family that doesn’t give up on each other).

This book is not for the faint of heart. If you’re feeling vulnerable in any way, save this book for another time. Having said that, the tough books always seem to be my favorite. They reach a part of life that can’t necessarily be found in the fluff, and that’s why I read: to learn, to be exposed to lives I know nothing about, and to gain more empathy for people I share this planet with.

Here is a list of my Honorable Mentions (click on the link to go to my review):

If you’re a BOTM subscriber, I’d love to hear what book stuck with you the most this year. If you’re not a subscriber, I’d still love to hear the books that have a piece of your heart this year!

Also, here is a link to sign up for Book of the Month if you’re interested! (I will recieve a free book if you use my link!)

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