Top 5 New Authors // 2022

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I picked up Charlotte McConaghy‘s debut, Migrations, and I was absolutely blown away. The story stuck with me throughout the entire year – it even prompted me to pick up her second book, Once There Were Wolves. While I wasn’t as head over heels about Wolves as I was Migrations, it’s still evident that McConaghy is an extremely talented writer. I got lost in her prose, became over-invested in her characters, and learned so much about the environmental issues she raised in each of her books. I don’t know when her next book is going to release, but I will definitely be reading it!

Leila Mottley was just nineteen-years-old when her debut novel, Nightcrawling, was released earlier this year. Based loosely on real events that happened within the Oakland Police Department, Mottley showed attention to detail and crafted a story I couldn’t put down. Her wrting is lyrical and immersive. As with McConaghy above, I will be reading her next book as fast as I can!

The Love Songs of W.E.B. DuBois by Honorée Fononne Jeffers is a modern classic that totally gave me Homegoing vibes. Ambitious in its scope, I was floored when I found out this was Jeffers’ debut! It took her ten years to write, but she created a masterpiece that had me wrapped around its finger from the first pages. While it was a long book, I could have easily spent another 800 pages within this story!

I didn’t have high expectaions for Ethan Joella‘s book, A Quiet Life, but I found it to be a heart-warming story that completely filled me with hope. So many times we look to those close to us to support us when we really need to look a little further out of the inner circle. Joella created characters with a whole bunch of heart, and before I knew it, I was wrapped up in their stories and connection. Because of this book, I quickly added his debut, A Little Hope, to my TBR.

Spells for Forgetting by Adrienne Young was a totally atmospheric read that made me want to book a trip to the Pacific Northwest ASAP. I loved the mystery she weaved and was dying to find out how it was going to conclude. I hadn’t read any of Young’s previous books, but if they’re anything like Spells, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

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