June Wrap-Up // 2021

June By the Numbers: Total Books Read:¬†9Audiobooks:¬†1Five Star Reads:¬†1Goodreads Shelf:¬†69/125 (55%)Unread Shelf:¬†3 (33%)Nonfiction Challenge:¬†7/12Books by BIPOC Authors:¬†3 (33%)By Women Authors:¬†6 (67%)Diverse Books:¬†5 (56%)Nonfiction Reads:¬† 3 (33%)Debuts:¬†3 (33%)Published in 2021:¬†5 (56%) Favorite Book of the Month: Sparks Like Stars by Nadia Hashimi I was immediately struck by the writing of this book. It's succint, profound, and … Continue reading June Wrap-Up // 2021